Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mujib was alive when Dalim made radio announcement

Radio Dhaka Station was captured at 4:00 AM on 15th August. Anthony Mascarenhas said Dalim made radio announcement at 5:15, as there were some confusion and chaos. Mujib was killed around 5:40 AM, as Mascarenhas said.

So, if we take this account as fact, then Mujib was still alive when radio announcement was made by Dalim. Remember, Mujib made phone calls to Army Chief General Shafiullah for his rescue.

It is probabale that Dalim's premature announcement over the radio may have forced the plotters to kill Mujib.

Is there any one who can piece to-gether all avaialble information and reconstruct the scene to see what really happened?

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