Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bangladesh’s global ranking

Well, we topped the TI’s corruption list for consecutive four years. But what about Bangladesh’s global ranking in other areas? See a handy list, courtesy of WolframAlfa, a new computational knowledge engine, being dubbed as a new threat to Google. It makes all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. One needs to enter question or calculation, and WolframAlpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer.

Here are some ranking for Bangladesh:

1. Area 94th
2. Population 7th
3. Population density 10th
4. Population growth 73th
5. Life expectancy 186th
6. Median age 145th
7. GDP 63th
8. GDP at parity 49th
9. GDP per capita 202th
10. GDP real growth 70th
11. Gini index 39th
12. Unemployment rate 177th

For details on Bangladesh data, visit here.

And this one puts Bangladesh's democracy at 119, corruption at 134 and press freedom at 112.

Joy hok ranking businesser!

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